If you’re one of the many people who wanted to live in the GTA but couldn't afford the high listing prices tagged on most Toronto properties,you’re not alone. A lot of people enter the house hunting process with high hopes of living in the city but end up living outside of Toronto due to the high prices which accompany most Toronto real estate properties. Sadly, shopping for Toronto real estate; houses, lofts, townhouses or condos - isn't anything like shopping for properties outside of the city or even elsewhere in Canada.

While it’s possible, for example, to find a reasonably priced piece of Edmonton real estate and still survive,you can't really do that in Toronto. It makes fiscal sense, therefore to widen your scope to living outside of the city –it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run; money which you can use to shop for properties in Toronto at a later date. Until that time comes though,it’s a smart move to make do with what you’ve got.

When You Work Downtown But Live Outside of The City
Everything happens in Toronto. Major schools are located there, the top concert venues are there, the sporting arenas are located there and most workplace offices are located in and around downtown Toronto. Depending on where you’ve settled though, home and work may not be as conveniently close together as you’d like. Driving in to work is often a solution, but for many people the cost can outweigh the means of transport – filling up on gas as often as twice a week can add up, sitting in traffic for hours is NOT fun, and parking fees in the downtown core can burn a very real hole in your pocket. You’ll find a great number of people who opt for parking their cars at train stations and commuting the rest of the way to work just to save on expenses.  If you live outside the city but need to get to work in Toronto, let’s make things a little easier on you with a couple of potential travel options.

If, for example, you just moved into a new home outside of the city but you still work downtown, then you're probably weighing your commuting options, and are most likely to decide in favour of the most affordable choice. Consider carpooling with a fellow employee who also lives outside of Toronto to save some money on gas.

Toronto public transportation is often a great solution in getting to and from work. Further east or west of the city, GO Transit will be able to take you from wherever you live to as close to downtown Toronto as you need to go with GO bus and GO train options. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is another frequently used avenue – millions of people “ride the rocket” to work every day via bus, subway or streetcar. Don't forget, there are also ferries to take if you need to get to Toronto Island.

Getting from Point A to Point B doesn’t have to be impossible just because you don’t live in the heart of the city.